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Dental Implants versus Fixed Bridgework—Which Option is Best for You?

If you are about to have a permanent tooth extracted, understanding the options is critical as implants and bridgework both have their pros and cons. An implant is actually a root replacement; however, unlike the root of a tooth, the implant actually fuses to the jawbone with a permanent crown attached to it. Implants function […]

Immediate Implants—See how they saved “Refrigerator Perry’s” Smile

For anyone dealing with noticeable missing permanent teeth, you can feel like you are the only person in the world with this issue and that it is the only thing people see when they meet you. It can have a dramatic impact on your self-esteem that often limits your relationships, career choices—your life. However, when […]

Dental Implants Video by Atlantic Oral Surgery (#3)

Dental Implants & Your Teenager, Timing Is Everything!

When it comes to permanently replacing a teenager’s missing tooth, timing is everything. As a parent or caregiver, of course you want what’s best, and an implant provides the highest quality of life in addition to being the best long-term solution…so why should you and your child have to wait? The most important reason for […]

Dental Implants by Atlantic Oral Surgery (#2)

Understanding Your Immediate Implant Options

You’ve broken or severely damaged a tooth and need an implant…do you know your options? Chances are you don’t which could cause needless worry. We can provide you with all the education you will need to be confident in your decision. In a consultation with our office, you will learn the basics about implant dentistry […]